This website is designed to give you a starting point for learning about your rights and options when you are facing foreclosure and after a foreclosure in Alabama, particularly wrongful and illegal foreclosures.

[On February 17, 2012, the Alabama Supreme Court wrote a great opinion that may help you to save your home -- you can read it and our analysis at Alabama Consumer -- then pull your note and mortgage and all the notices you have received before your foreclosure.]

We want you to know your rights as you may can stop a wrongful foreclosure.

You may can sue your mortgage company after a foreclosure.

If you have been sued after a foreclosure, commonly called an “ejectment suit,” then you can read more about your options.

We have videos related to Alabama foreclosures for you to watch.

We have a page with lots of definitions of words that are commonly used that relate to Alabama foreclosures.

Books related to Alabama foreclosures you can sign up for and read immediately.

All designed for this one goal — to help you understand your rights and then encourage you to act on your knowledge so you can make the best decision.

Take a look around.

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Do keep in mind that we only talk to and can only represent people who live in Alabama or who are facing or have faced a potentially wrongful foreclosure in Alabama.

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