Mortgage Companies/Foreclosure Lawyers

On this page we will list out some of the mortgage companies that we often deal with as well as some of the foreclosure law firms that practice in Alabama.

Our intention is that this will be useful to you in giving you a starting point for figuring out who some of these companies are so you will know who you are dealing with….

This page will be updated so if you see anyone we missed that is involved in Alabama, please put a comment or send us a message and we will look into adding them.


John Watts and Stan Herring


Mortgage Companies

Bank of America (BAC Home Loan) – It was Bank of America.  Then everything got moved to BAC Home Loan Servicing, at least the servicing of the loans.  Then BAC was folded back into Bank of America.  Oh yeah, we forgot about Countrywide and the other ones.  Needless to say, Bank of America is big, and we sue it alot over wrongful foreclosures.

Keep in mind that it has a nasty habit of trying to collect discharged home mortgage debt, which is illegal.  But as Bank of America has told my clients before “We can’t file bankruptcy on mortgage debt so we can continue to collect.”

Uhmmm…. No.


Bank of New York Mellon — We have seen this bank and sued them some in Alabama.  Normally, the Bank of New York Mellon is involved with securitized trusts.


Cenlar — This is a servicing company that we are starting to see do foreclosures in the Cenlar name here in the past few months.  We’ll be keeping an eye on them to see how this is proceeding.


Chase (JP Morgan Chase or Chase Home) – The Chase companies (and keeping their name straight is harder than you might think) handle a lot of foreclosures in Alabama.

We have often sued Chase for lying about the foreclosure date and then going ahead and foreclosing anyway.


CitiMortgage — Along with Bank of America, Chase, and Wells Fargo, this is one of the big mortgage companies in Alabama handling foreclosures.  We had the interesting experience of having the corporate representative tell us in a deposition that no homeowner in Alabama should be able to trust or rely upon what CitiMortgage representatives tell them.

Bizarre, eh?

I think they have cleaned up this testimony by getting a bit better and not making such a bold statement but it still gives you insight into the mortgage industry.  And CitiMortgage just had the guts to say it — all the mortgage companies we have dealt with have this belief…

Here is an example of a lawsuit trying to evict our client where we answered Freddie Mac’s suit and countersued both Freddie Mac and CitiMortgage for wrongful foreclosure.


Deutsche Bank – Ahhhh…. Good ole Deutsche Bank.  When you see Deutsche Bank, think “securitized trust” because it is almost always (in our experience) acting (allegedly) as the trustee of a trust.  Given the assignments that are invariably made right before the foreclosure, we often see Deutsche Bank as a debt collector under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and so we sue them under this law.


EverBank — We have not had much experience with EverBank.  Let us know if you have.


Everhome — This is an interesting company that we see (and sue) some in Alabama.  They normally use the Sirote lawfirm to handle their foreclosures and any litigation that arises out of the foreclosure.


Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Association) – This is a quasi government entity — known as a government sponsored entity or GSE — that we often see filing ejectment lawsuits after a foreclosure.  When that happens, we normally file counterclaims against Fannie Mae as well as the mortgage company that was involved.


Freddie Mac (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Company)  – This is similar to Fannie Mae.  The differences are not worth mentioning here.  Freddie Mac does file ejectment lawsuits, and like with Fannie Mae, if you have been the victim of wrong doing, you may be able to counterclaim and also sue the involved mortgage companies.

One example is a case we filed in January 2012 against Freddie Mac and CitiMortgage after our client was sued for ejectment.  We counter-sued for wrongful foreclosure.


HSBC Bank — We thought they were getting out of the foreclosure business but recently we have seen their name pop up.


Litton Loan — It seems these accounts are now at Ocwen.  We have never sued Litton Loan but by reputation Litton Loan leaves something to be desired.


LPP Mortgage — A company that is a debt collector under the FDCPA at least in our cases.  Here is a link to an article we did on LPP — the case is back on and we are curious about others who have been defrauded in the same way our clients were by LPP Mortgage.


NationStar Mortgage — A large servicer that often handles bad loans from failed banks.  We are currently investigating a case to be filed under the FDCPA for very blatant fraud and lies about the foreclosure date.


Ocwen — This servicer has taken over many of the Litton loans.  We have a lawsuit against Ocwen but haven’t seen them very often in Alabama but we expect that to change.


Regions Bank — The big Alabama bank.  We have only sued Regions once that I recall for fraud in a foreclosure.  For any number of reasons, we rarely get calls about Regions.


US Bank –We see this bank alot in securitized mortgage foreclosures.


Wells Fargo — This is one of the largest mortgage companies around.  Wells Fargo is very active in pushing foreclosures in Alabama and we have brought numerous lawsuits against Wells Fargo for a variety of claims over the last decade or so.  One recent example is a suit we filed January 2012 against Wells Fargo for allegedly lying about a foreclosure being postponed, but the foreclosure happened anyway.


Foreclosure Lawyers

Johnson & Freedman — This is a lawfirm out of Atlanta, Georgia, that represents mortgage companies all over the South East, including Alabama.  Our principal involvment with this firm is seeing it file ejectment lawsuits, although it is involved in some of the letters before filing suit.  It claims to handle over 25,000 foreclosures a year.  Hmmm…. 2000 a month.  500 a week.  70 a day?  Wow.  That’s a lot.

As discussed below with Sirote, take letters and calls from this firm very seriously as it means you may only have a very limited amount of time to take action to save your home.


Sirote & Permutt — This is a Birmingham, Alabama lawfirm that has the vast majority of the foreclosure work in Alabama.  They not only begin the foreclosure proceedings, but they also handle all of the creation and filing of various assignments which typically occur right before a foreclosure as the mortgage companies look to clean up a lack of proper paperwork regarding ownership, etc.

Sirote also will send the ten day vacate letters and will file the ejectment lawsuits.

Depending on who Sirote represents, sometimes it will stay in the case and defend against counterclaims that we file.

Bottom line is Sirote is involved and is knowledgeable in all aspects of the foreclosure process.

If you get a letter from Sirote, do not ignore it or bury your head in the sand.  Instead, educate yourself and take action.

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loretta hines smith February 11, 2013 at 4:11 am

I am looking for the best wrongful foreclosurer attorney, my house was foreclosed on after it was discharged in bankruptcy court. I was later told i didn’t owe anythingelse on my home by the secretary of the probate court. I informed the credit union of what was told to me, and they preceeded to offer me a 3% interest rate, and suggested I pay this dischage loan all over. I refused their offer, they later got in touch with my bankruptcy attorney and told him to file a chapter 13 again , he did this, and I told the court that I was not going to file another chapter 13, because I had been discharge from chapter 7 & 13. The judge wouldn’t reopen the case, they later placed a wrongful dismisser on my file and told me that my house was foreclosed on. I was later asked to move out of my home, in which I did because my attorney wouldn’t help me, and know other attorney would take my case because that said my attorney had to handle this. my house was later sold for 35.000 claiming this was for back taxes sold, that had also been discharged. I had been paying my taxes up until the day I was ask to leave my house. This has cause so much stress on me and my family. We have lived in this home for about 20 years. and this house is worth about 250.000. please call me 205-447-2565 if you can help me. May God bless you. Thanks in advance


John Watts March 16, 2013 at 1:54 pm


I’m sorry this happened to you. If you haven’t already contacted my office, please do so by calling us at 205-879-2447. I did not see this comment until today and I apologize for that.

There are a lot of issues surrounding how bankruptcy affects mortgages and what happens after a discharge. We are seeing more of this and filing more cases against companies who violate the laws after a bankruptcy.

John Watts
Birmingham, Alabama


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